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We connect top animation talents to


We provide the best suitable professionals to execute productions from planning to final details and we´ll manage the production process.

For Talents


We're constantly looking for new Talents. We are looking for all kinds of creators who specialize or would like to specialize in animation:

Producers, coordinators, managers, scriptwriters, directors, art directors, supervisors, 3D/2D animators, stop motion animators, actors, film editors, designers, 3D artists, VFX artists, generalists, digital artists, rigging artists, compositing artists, technical artists, concept artists, storyboard artists, illustrators etc. Also studios and industry partners.

We'd like to see a portfolio, which expresses your professional skills and personal interest. Please contact us to talent(at)

We go through every application and will get back to you without unnecessary delay.

What Animagency can offer:

  • work among creative animation

  • representing and selling services

  • organising the entire process and schedules

  • advisory and consulting

  • collective of animation industry professionals

  • training and support

For Clients

We represent animation oriented professionals. Our network of professionals allows the implementation of animation projects according to the project requirements –whether the need is for a single professional or a complete production crew. Our talents are open to work with animation and film studios, ad agencies, production, entertainment and game companies, etc.

We organise and manage animation productions according to need –from individual talents to complete production crews.  Please contact us for more about our services and collaboration at info(at)

What Animagency can offer:

  • professional talents of animation industry

  • production management

  • experienced and professional consulting & planning for animation productions

  • advisory on co-operation partner selection

  • creative opinions and visions on production

  • assistance in organising and developing productions

  • advisory on production process and methods

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