We provide the best


to execute productions from planning to final details and we´ll manage the production process. We also provide advisory services related to animation.



We represent animation oriented professionals such as producers, coordinators, managers, directors, art directors, supervisors, 3D/2D animators, stop motion animators, film editors, designers, 3D artists, VFX artists, digital artists, rigging artists, compositing artists, technical artists, concept artists, storyboard artists, illustrators etc. Our network of professionals allows the implementation of animation projects according to the project requirements –whether the need is for a single professional or a complete production crew.




We provide animation and production consulting for productions, educational facilities, companies and networks in the areas of production development and advisory, pipeline-arranging, guidance and training. We specialise in creative planning and implementation of animation productions.




We organise and manage animation productions according to need –from individual talents to complete production crews. 




We're a new wave creative partner for clients who want their brands, communications, designs, services or marketing to be more animated. Our mission is to create better stories, shows, demonstrations, messages, strategies and solutions with countless ways of animation.




Our talents bring alive a collective of animation. We produce personalized animation and art productions collectively as a group of best friends. Animagency will handle production

management and financial administration, grants etc.