Talents, Consulting, Manage, Planning & Collective


We're a creative animation agency, planning office and consultancy, who represent Finnish animation industry professionals. We provide expertise in the implementation, planning, organising, consulting, design, education and developing of animation productions. 

can offer to:



  • experienced and professional consulting & planning for animation productions

  • advisory on co-operation partner selection

  • creative opinions and visions on production


Animation industry companies:

  • industry professionals for small and large scale productions

  • assistance in organising and developing productions

  • advisory on production process and methods



  • work among creative animation

  • organising the entire process and schedules, representing and selling services of talents, so they can focus on own expertise

  • advisory and consulting

  • collective through a full house 


Educational facilities and students:

  • training and consultation

  • curriculum development

  • trainee representation

  • career in animation industry after graduation

We're the first and only


focusing exclusively on animation. Please contact us for more about our services at info(at)animagency.fi or follow us on social media @Animagency

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We're constantly looking for new Talents. We hope to see a portfolio, which expresses your professional skills and personal interest. Please send emails to talent(at)animagency.fi

We go through every application and will get back to you without unnecessary delay.



We aim to partner up with the best organisations in the industry. Animation and film studios, agencies, production, entertainment and game companies, etc.

Please contact us for ask about collaboration

via info(at)animagency.fi